Configuring NSX-T 2.5 L2VPN Part 1 – Server

NSX-T 2.5 continues VMware’s approach to assist moving all stateful services to T1 gateways, meaning you can keep your T0 ECMP! This version brought the ability to deploy IPSec VPNs on a T1, however L2VPN still requires deployment to a T0. I’m sure it’ll be moved in a later version but for now here’s the install steps…

First, ensure your T0 gateway is configured as Acitve-Standby, which rules out ECMP, but allows stateful services. NOTE: this mode cannot be changed after deployment so make sure it’s a new T0:

To enable an L2VPN you must first enable an IPSec VPN service. Create both and attach  to your T0 gateway as below:

Next create a Local Endpoint, which attaches the the IPSec service just created and will terminate the VPN sessions. The IP for the LE must be different to the uplink address of the Edge Node it runs on, which is then advertised out over the uplink as a /32.

To ensure the LE address is advertised into the physical network enable IPSec Local IP redistribution in the T0 settings:

And here’s the route on the TOR:

Now it’s time to create the VPN session to enable the peer to connect. Select the Local Endpoint created above and enter the peer IP, PSK and tunnel IP:

You can then add segments to the session from here, or directly from the Segments menu:


There’s one last thing to wrap up the server side config and that’s retrieving the peer code. Go to VPN > L2VPN Sessions > Select the session > Download Config, then copy the peer code from within the config, which will be used in the next part configuring the client…


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