Deploying NSX-T 2.5 with VMware’s Ansible Examples

I try to use IaC to build my labs, so that when I inevitably break something, I can always re-roll.

However, when I tried to build an NSX-T 2.5 lab, using Ansible playbooks based on the VMware examples that worked on 2.4, I received an error about the nsx role when deploying the manager OVA:

Error:\n - Invalid value 'nsx-manager nsx-controller' specified for property nsx_role.

After poking around the Manager OVF file I noticed that the value options had changed from previous versions from manager/controller/cloud options to just manager/cloud.

Here’s the values in NSX-T Manager 2.4:

And here’s the values in NSX-T Manager 2.5:

So a simple change of the nsx_role to “NSX Manager” in my playbook and everything deployed successfully!

I’ve raised an issue on the ansible-for-nsxt GitHub page for the example provided and I’ll hopefully submit a PR to resolve, by adding a version variable to make it compatible across versions.